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Whipped Body Frosting

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The Philosophy

I got ethics, son.

My philosophy is that I want to empower women no matter where they stand on the pipeline for Rebelle Naturelle, be they a maker (shea producer) or consumer.  I want women to feel as if they are in control whether that means providing them a fair price for their labors in producing raw shea butter, or giving women the opportunity to buy a beauty product that is not loaded with chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic.


I promise to continue to source my shea butter and other raw material ethically and help to support women who may not have otherwise had a reliable or safe way to earn money for themselves or their families.


That shea butter fresh doe.

All of my products are made with YOU in mind! 

Fair Trade Raw Shea Butter

Fair Trade Coconut Oil

Organic Avocado Oil

Essential Oils or Natural Fragrance Oils

Raw African Black Soap

Coconut Sugar

Cocoa Butter








Exfoliating Bon-Bons


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"unconventional beauty"

— Mary S. Rebelle Naturelle Creator






Shea Lip Balm


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The Creator